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On Thursday morning (6/20/13) Will Parrish climbed a crane at a construction site for the Willits Bypass. The action has prevented one of two cranes from installing some of the 55,000 wick drains intended to dry out the wetlands.

The machine drills 80 feet below ground, and installs long wicks to evaporate water from the water table.

He has been occupying the crane since 5:30am June 20th. This action is severely slowing down CalTrans from completing this drilling phase of the project. CalTrans has two of these stitchers, and now can only operate at half capacity.

People who want to come out, get involved, or give support are welcome to call (707) 841-0197 or (707) 540-1526.

Here is Will Parrish's statement
composed with his body inside the machinery and about 45 feet above the ground:

I have put my body inside the wick drain stitcher because direct actions like these are the only thing slowing down the destruction of Little Lake Valley [Willits, CA] by CalTrans. These wetlands, as well as the other areas we are striving to protect, are defenseless without us.  While I commend people who have pursued the lawsuit that was heard in federal court Friday, June 21st, I put little faith in the legal system to do the right thing. On behalf of past, present, and future generations, we must not allow such unnecessary and wasteful projects as the Willits Bypass to happen anymore. I am putting my body on the line to protect these forests, mountains, and water because I know that the forest, mountains, and water protect all of us! I know we can stop this project through continued resistance.