Divest, Disrupt Destroy DAPL!







Print up this poster! Show your support by putting this poster up to show your support to end the Dakota Access Pipeline. We encourage you to paste these up wherever. #NODAPL

Also, why not go further? The way that the water protectors are being treated is a disgusting example of why this system has to go.

Trump is invested in the Dakota Access Pipeline and has promised to escalate attacks on the people. Together we are building an anti-fascist resistance. We are learning  and growing together; teaching the system that we are ungovernable! Take an active role in this movement & help people know they aren’t alone.

Take an active role in building this movement & help people know they aren’t alone.

Put up posters for the resistance!




Some resources to get you started. Posters and how to put them up.



Fascist Group Identity Evropa Begins Poster Campaign, Anti-Fascists Respond





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