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The info-shop will be closed till December 27th, we are filling the schedule with volunteers and  filling the shelves with new and newly donated books. we hope to have our collection of titles available on line soon. We are taking a short holiday. We may have phone and internet when we open back up on the 27th. 

Again if you are interested in the Rhizome info-Shop or any other Humboldt Grassroots projects contact us: 7076164700

December 10th 6:54pm

So here we are! This page is the site of our blog where we will post articles thoughts and interesting up to date stuff. This will be a more accessible and participatory format, for people to check up on. We will have a number of writers and editors so your comment can be reviewd and you can actually join the conversation. As of now, this site has been a little under used and a bit overrun with spam comments .

With new energy, in a collaberative effort This site will be a treasure trove of up to date info news observations action updates…good stuff

to start of In that vein

The 5th Humboldt Anarchist Book Fair was Awesome! Lots of great food, people talks and workshops. There was even a surprise visit from the sisters of perpetual indulgence. Food Not Bombs Eureka and Arcata reall kicked ass! providing delicious and nutritious food this year.

More about the book fair later…

  At the most recent bi-weekly Meeting on Monday the 10th, attending Humboldt Grassroots members decided on new open hours for the Rhizome info-shop(47 W3rd and commercial in Eureka). 12pm-8pm Tuesday  12pm-8pm Thursday

The reason being that we want two people on each shift and we need our info-shop open consistently. If you are interested in getting involved in the info-shop project come by 47 W3rd and Commercial on Tuesday or Thursday, call or send an email. Humboldt Grassroots contacts are on the About page at the bottom.

Also coming up in the workers are film series more info to come on that.

and in the works is a fighting patriarchy study group—if you are interested in these or other events or projects get in contact

Let’s make things Happen

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