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Can you believe it’s the 10th one?! We’re excited to celebrate our big anniversary with those of you who’ve shared in this tradition all these years, and with those of you who are joining in for the first time!

We’re cooking up a Book Fair that you can really sink your teeth into, and we’re not just talking about the free food that our chefs will be serving up all day. Our line-up of speakers and workshops are sure to sate your intellectual appetite. And of course there will be an abundance of books to peruse, brought to you by Anarchist publishers like AK Press, PM Press, Black Powder Press, and more. We are in the process of confirming many publishers that are new to us, such as On Our Own Authority publishing. So many groups that are new to our Book Fair will be tabling. And just in time to wrap up your holiday shopping, if you’re into that kind of thing. There will even be a gift wrapping station, using old Anarchist newspapers! And as always, the Kid’s Corner will have activities for the littles all day. As the event draws nearer, we’ll post the schedule for the bus that will bring you directly to us. Attendance is free of charge.

This year‘s theme is Anti-Authoritarianism, as we wish to explore what we see as the root of our social, and by extension our environmental, ills. We want to help shine a light on the way Authoritarianism is playing out in the world at large, and how it relates to our social movements and to us as individuals. We also want to celebrate and keep the flame burning in the long-standing Anarchist tradition of fierce and courageous resistance to Authoritarianism.

With all that being said, we’re excited to announce our keynote speaker, Bruce Levine, who will be talking about his book, Resisting Illegitimate Authority: A Thinking Person’s Guide to Being An Anti-Authoritarian — Strategies, Tools and Models!

We’ll also be hosting Crimethinc, authors of books such as Work, No Wall They Can Build, and From Democracy to Freedom, and Kristian Williams, author of Our Enemies In Blue, and Between The Bullet and the Lie. Stay tuned for more details on their presentations.

Workshops will include a Crash Course In Critical Thinking, and an Interactive Exploration of Freedom.

There’s still time and space for more presentations and workshops so feel free to hit us up with your ideas! You can private message us here on Facebook or email us at We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the Book Fair!

Humboldt Grassroots folks have been paying attention to fascists trying to organize in our area. The trolls have come off the internet again, apparently this time manipulating a child as their pawn. Likely by the same group of fascists who, on September 11th 2018, were attempting to recruit at College of the Redwoods, then students and faculty complained and the fascists ran off.

Many are sounding the alarm suspiciously late. This isn’t the first time, nor the only call for fascist violence that has happened locally. Remember when the Eureka Police Department was part of a group where there was public talk from the leadership about a final solution for the homeless and addicted. Luckily, after that did incite violence and its echoes, the group and the EPD distanced themselves from such explicit murderous rhetoric.

Still, police unions nationally supported Trump who openly called for more police brutality and has inspired a fascist movement whose terrorism has hit schools, synagogues, churches and public spaces.

The FBI is also saying it is coming to our communities’ aid. The FBI has been undermining social movements, Anarchists, standing rock, anti-colonial, anti-ICE, animal rights, anti-fascist and ecology movements; while the fascists’ terrorism has continued unabated. The FBI hasn’t done a thing to counter fascism, instead they have helped it.

The Lost Coast Outpost (LOCO) is also rightly joining the chorus of condemnation against fascists trying to recruit kids. We are glad. However, it is well known that LOCO facilitates through their comments section (an editorial choice) a culture of authoritarianism, elitism, and disrespect for human life. They routinely humiliate the oppressed, by posting pictures of people calling them thieves who were never charged nor convicted.

To deal with fascist organizing and the fascist movement in this country and in this community we need to address the authoritarian structures and nature our society. We need a revolution that gives everyone access to the resources and decision making power we all need to thrive.


“No government fights fascism to destroy it. When the bourgeoisie sees that power is slipping out of its hands, it brings up fascism to hold onto their privileges.” Buenaventura Durruti

That is what the ecological crisis is for Capitalism, an existential threat. The Scientific consensus is that our current relationship with the planet we live on is unsustainable, and that without an immense restructuring of society, we will see the unraveling and degradation of the ecosystems that sustain our life. The current authoritarian relationships with the planet and each other are hurling us towards crisis. Proponents of racial superiority, either openly or unwittingly, advocate for an authoritarian relationship with the planet and each other. Capitalism and fascism (eco-fascism) is the embodiment of this idea and threatens to destroy our hope for the future.

The initial comment from EPD Chief Steve Watson in response to the white supremacist recruiting posters, “we’re coming for you,” plays right into their hands and only reiterates what the poster already said – that the system hates them. But where they’re wrong is the basis on which the system hates them: it does not concern itself with *whites* but rather with anyone who challenges the system, which is the increasing number of people suffering from an increasing economic inequality. If anything, *whites* are late to challenge this system due to the fact that, as a group, the system has benefited them the longest. But as the number of people holding the vast majority of the world’s depleted resources grows smaller, it has become clear that it is no longer in their interest to support a significant *privileged* population.

Trump’s main purpose has been to pit the general population against one another, across race, gender, and other lines of identity, so that we’ll be busy fighting one another rather than putting up any real resistance to the system that establishes such disparity. The police enforce this through violence every day. Just as the EPD reinforces the white supremacists’ paranoia, the same supremacist recruiters, unwittingly or not, are reinforcing the system that they claim to be victims of by misrepresenting who and what that system is about. It’s about vast wealth gained through exploitation of labor and environmental devastation, and placed into the hands of only a few by means of violent authoritarianism.

Cops working hand-in-hand with schools, initiating “solutions” like an Anti-Gang Task Force, leads to nothing. It will not work as it has not worked for the gangs, because they are not listening to the kids or providing any material solutions. They are instead often treating students with problems like criminals where school is the prison.

Schools should be a place to talk about real life and the challenges kids are facing to help devise solutions.

Schools say they oppose bullies while often modeling authoritarian unjust relationships where authority speaks and students are made to listen, and truth of the life of the student and their ideas are disregarded. Rule is enforced through violence; class and race and gender are talked about as boxes to be checked. 

So to embrace the future we must turn away from competition and towards cooperation, from oppression towards freedom. Fascism is the future refusing to be born. That push is coming from the police, the justice system, those who facilitate authoritarian ideas and the people who don’t stand up to it.

In school, at work, in housing and in how we treat each other. 


We appreciate everyone who is righteously outraged and those talking about grabbing arms to fight this menace. We welcome your help and hope to combine our efforts with yours. With your willingness to fight, attack the root of the problem, authoritarian relationships in your life with the boss, with the landlord and your dealings with others. We need to organize cooperatively and respectfully with all our neighbors regardless of identity, to create a future where we all can live.

So for those of you hitting us up wanting to know what can be done, and those talking about arming yourselves and taking action: your presence is needed, not just about this recent spat of fascists attempting to recruit our youth, but we need to think and act long term. Other attempts at growing a fascist street presence and terror cells in our area highlights a growing need to defend ourselves and our communities. Even more so, it highlights the need for increased organization to share information and resources to have a greater ability to fight fascism.

To defeat fascism, we must provide more living examples of a radical alternative for ourselves and for the youth.

That may seem daunting. Society is us, it is what we all do in relation to each other. The experience of solidarity, that recognition of our common humanity, and a direct say in improving our lives and the world, changes everything.

We can come together and do this. Every fight for freedom, justice, ecological harmony, and for a better life, matters. That is how we destroy fascism at the root.

(Collectively written and endorsed by Humboldt Grassroots)

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Are you a tenant? Do you want to learn how to get your deposit back, deal with habitability issues, or to secure affordable housing? Join Humboldt Grassroots at the Labor Temple on Friday, June 21, from 6 to 9 pm where we’ll have a tenants rights presentation, discussion, and potluck. That’s Friday, June 21st from 6 to 9 pm at the Labor Temple 840 E Street in Eureka for tenants rights.

Learn how to get from begging for your deposit back, decent housing and affordable rent to bargaining.

Join us for May Day, the original Labor Day! May 1st is the Day all over the world that we celebrate our collective struggle for freedom and honor all those who live and die in solidarity for a free and just society. It is even bigger this year! Ten groups are co-organizing, and seven performances confirmed there are more being confirmed, find them here as we update. This year is going to be huge! There is going to be a Rally, March, and Festival starting at noon going till 9 pm. The event will begin with a rally on the steps of the Humboldt County Courthouse at noon. An interpretive march will start at 1:00, where you can learn about historic local struggles. The march will bring us to the Old Town Gazebo in Eureka, where you can enjoy some music, hear from speakers, and visit with tablers who are doing great work for our community. From 2:00 to 4:00, we will hear from speakers on a wide variety of topics covering the history of May Day, local unionizing and labor struggles, economic democracy, racial justice, and immigrant rights, ecological resilience, and anti-colonization/ anti-imperialism. Beginning at 4:00, we’ll celebrate with music and dancing, compliments of Moonsong Band, Irie Rockers, Dead Bird Son, DJ Pressure, Unholy Orifice, Blackplate, and more!
The eight Anarchists martyrs persecuted and killed for organizing for the eight hour day and for being anarchists advocating for a free and just society. It was their anarchism was put on trial not any alleged crime on the books advocates for better conditions for working people, the eight hour day and the emancipation of humanity put them in conflict with all tyrants. For that, the court sentenced them to death. We will hear more about that when our local historian gets on his soap-box to tell us about it!


Humboldt Grassroots is hosting a dinner and a movie event in solidarity with the Rojava Revolution at the labor temple 840 E street in Eureka, starting at 6 pm and going till 9 pm on Sunday the 27th.

more details at

The Rojava Revolution, rooted in the Kurdish freedom movement, has offered a new paradigm for political change and become a fertile ground for international revolutionaries. It is one of the most essential political experiments in the annals of revolutionary history. The power games of nation-states led to the widespread dispossession and oppression of Kurds in the Middle East. Through that struggle, we have seen the birth of one of the most vibrant political movements, based on feminism, anti-state theory, ecology, and anti-capitalism.

Out of the devastation of the Syrian Civil War, the Rojava Revolution emerged, and, like all political movements, it was faced with challenging political realities. Surrounded by hostile forces— the fascist Turkish state to the north, ISIS to the south, and Assad to the West— Rojava’s forces entered into a tactical arrangement with the US, recognizing the agreement with the US was temporary and tactical. They were very aware of the risks involved.

Today, Erdogan remains poised to strike at Rojava, unequivocally rejecting National Security Advisor John Bolton’s suggestion that US forces remain in the region until, among other things, Erdogan assures them that he will not do so. Meanwhile, revolutionaries around the world have been strengthening their ties, preparing to defend their comrades in the face of impending Turkish invasion, inevitable betrayal by US forces, and potential military occupation by various state entities.

Now is the time for revolutionaries to stand up, as our comrades are facing potential slaughter by fascist forces. We stand in solidarity with Tekoşîna Anarşîst (Anarchist Struggle), a militant anarchist formation founded in August 2017 that, in response to the increasingly imminent threat from Turkey, recently made public its part in the International Freedom Battalion (IFB). The IFB, a coalition of internationalist revolutionary groups, has been inspirational in its commitment to the revolutionary movement in Rojava, as well as the role it has played in armed liberatory struggles around the world, including such regions as Rojava and Turkey. The Tekoşîna Anarşîst has been active in a final push against Daesh and sets a positive example for anarchists worldwide. We also respect and honor the memories of those who have fallen in this struggle.

Join us in the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement to make it clear that revolutionaries will not falter in our support. We want to light up our cities with direct actions, demonstrations, and messages of support for our comrades. RAM will join other revolutionary groups around the world in acts of solidarity on the weekend of January 27, 2019.

Now is the time for action!”