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We are looking for writers and editors graphic designers and others who are interested in taking on The Humboldt Grassroots Newspaper project. The project is important to report on what is happening anarchist perspective, What actually matters to us,(things that concern regular people in peoples lives)report on movement activity- what the anarchist community is doing- what sort of trouble is the system trying to brew…

We want the Humboldt Grassroots Paper to serve as a vehicle of communication between the Anarchist Movement and the broader community and oppressed people with potential allies

This could be a much more successful project put in capable hands. We distribute 2000 copies of Humboldt Grassroots from southern Humboldt To northern Humboldt. We will be nominating a new head Editor and reorganizing the paper and may be changing the papers layout depending on what those new to the creating the paper decide. The editorial collective must operate Consistent with the Our platform, but not all articles must do so.

Please if you are interested in joining the paper or contributing in any way get in contact.


The following is a post about the 3rd paper and it’s (now potential) level and range of distribution..The HGR paper will be back!

humboldt Paper Issue #3finnishedHumboldt Grassroots Issue #3 is just hot off the presses! It’s ready and  uploaded for you to check out as you raom the wide web. If you would like a hard copy get in touch or look around town at restraunts and liquor stores, anywhere you would find a Greenfuse newspaper is a good indicator of where we will distribute to.

In any case we have quite a few newspapers to distro, if you would like to help, by all means do. in any case you  will be able to find them around town. we are just now distributing them as of 9/15/10 in Northern Humboldt, and 9/7/10 in southern humboldt.

enjoy the 3rd issue.

As always:

If you’re interested in writing ,editing or lay out. (or maybe we could help with something you had in mind).  In any casecontact us

Humboldt Grassroots #1

Humboldt Grassroots #2

Humboldt Grassroots #3


and Our Pamphlet on Anarchism what it is 1

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