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Humboldt Grassroots on campus ( a HSU club some of us from HG formed)  hosted the chicago conspiracy film showing by one director from the  Subversive Action Films collective. check them out

The showing was hosted on april 29th at 3:30 at the behavioral social science building room 211

Unfortunately this was not the best timing but we only had two days notice before the film tour arrived to publicize it. This was also on the same day as a presentation by  Malik Rahim a former Black Panther, and a long-time housing and prison activist was set to speak at 5pm that day with a 4 o’ clock meet and greet.

So it was bound to be  a small turn out. However for those who were there the impact of this film was huge, nobody walked out the same as they went in. 

When  the collective director giving the presentation, (Jean) was showing photos in the Depot, from the recent struggles in Chile, many students crowded around to see images of molotovs, youth combatants and police repression, even a photo of a cop shooting his pistol at the photographer (not an exceptional incident).  

These photos brought out a lively discussion about how a republic and a dictatorship can be so similar when the same class or families are in control and the state serves the same function.  Of course the parellel to the USA was made.  People talked about the possibility of that level of struggle here, why it is not at that level and other movies they had seen about Chile.

click hear to read a review of the movie

This story of Chile begins On 11 September 1973 when  the  democratically eclected government of President Salvador Allende was overthrown by a CIA backed coup d’état  and  the Fascist Pinochet goverment was imposed (thousands were murdered en masse) . Neoliberal economic policies were instituded against the Chilean peoples will. After a very close assasination attempt, Pinochet, other military big wiggs and ruling families decided to form a republic that made the economic and social policies of the Pinochet dictatorship enshrined in the constitution and function of the government. Pinochet  kept a life time position as a law maker; this was all done so the fascist legacy in Chile would not end.

This story is from the perspective of (and about) the rebles who fought and who fight today for autonomy, equity, dignity, and liberty.

The folks from Subversive Action Fimls said we will get a copy of this amazing film as soon as they get the money to have them made from this film tour. check them out