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On May 1st may day let’s let everyone know how we feel about Walmart lowering average retail wages nationally. Let them know that we won’t stand by silenty while the greatest ripoff in recent memoryi8 certainly,causing the largest transfer of wealth from 99% of the population to 1% continues unabated. We won’t stand for our future being stolen for the sake of short sighted callous pursuit of profit and power. Gather together wednesday May 1st. Take an action in solidarity with fellow working people. Cause if we don’t stand and fight we lose. Plan an action that applies to your life. Your college program being cut? You have a degree and are just sattled with debt to show for it? Your friends or family in the military cause they couldnt find decent work? Your medical insurance doesn’t work? Police messed you over at occupy? Your working all the time and never getting ahead? May day is International day for the Workers This is out day don’t be invisible. Cause when we the working people really get together we’re invincible!