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The following is the latest press release from the Strawberry Rock tree-sitters. There will be a more in-depth article on this blog as soon possible, so keep checking back for more on the Strawberry Rock tree-sit.  

Strawberry Rock Tree-sitters Stall Green Diamond’s Plans to Clearcut

Trinidad, CA

Tree-sitters rejoiced Thursday upon learning that timber giant Green Diamond Resource Company has extended its deadline to carry out controversial logging operations near Trinidad’s Strawberry Rock.

Green Diamond’s plans to clearcut 84 acres of redwood forest within view of Strawberry Rock has sparked widespread controversy, as well as a tree-sit campaign.

For the past 2 and a half years, protesters have perched in the canopy near Strawberry Rock to protect some of Trinidad’s most mature redwood forest.

The tree-sitters object to Green Diamond’s heavy reliance on clearcut logging throughout their 400,000 acres of forest, as well as damage the logging plan would cause to Yurok culture.

“We must preserve this 100 year-old redwood forest because of its significance to Native American culture and its scientifically demonstrated ability to sequester CO2,” said Jene McCovey, a Yurok elder and environmental activist.

Facing pressure from direct action to prevent the logging, Green Diamond quietly filed for a one-year extension of the Strawberry Rock timber harvest plan.

“Green Diamond’s choice to delay their logging plans is a substantial victory for the tree-sitters defending Strawberry Rock’s redwood rainforest,” said Amanda
Tierney, member of grassroots group Redwood Forest Defense.

“The struggle isn’t over, though. If Green Diamond carries out their logging plans near Strawberry Rock, hikers will have a bird’s eye view of the devastation caused by Green Diamond’s favorite technique–clearcutting,” Tierney added.

“As the world’s largest owner of coast redwood forest, Green Diamond has enormous power to worsen or improve the world’s climate emergency. Their widespread use of clearcutting is currently worsening it,” said tree-sitter Carbohydrate.

When asked about the significance of Green Diamond delaying their plans to log, Carbohydrate responded, “Green Diamond is stalling for time in hopes people will forget the controversy surrounding their clearcut practices. Today, the tree-sitters of Redwood Forest Defense re-commit themselves to staying until Green Diamond cancels their plan to clearcut forest near Strawberry Rock. “