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Monthly Archives: November 2014

It feels like revolution is in the air, it strikes like lighting across the country against the police state and the poverty and misery it enforces and  protects. Here on the west coast, big actions have taken place in LA,Oakland, Portland, Seattle. and smaller cities, and will likely be popping up again soon.

Justice for Mike Brown! Justice for Everyone who has been beaten or killed by the police. Honor the loved ones who are lost.

It is time to stand together and call out Darren Wilson as a murderer. Across the country, many other murderous cops are sitting in their positions of power, afflicting injustices upon the communities they are supposed to protect. The police have gotten away with murder for too long.

Even small towns are not safe from ruthless murder at the hands of the police. A wind is winding through the country, weaving through big cities to rural communities: we must save our friends, loved ones, and ourselves. We must stop police brutality and murder. Some of us cheer from the sidelines, while others  plan for the near future. It may be getting cold outside, but the street is getting hot.
( EPD murdered, Tommy McClain, on 9/17/2014 Steven Linfoot the shooter did not face charges.)

The police murder and intimidate us, spy on us, harass us, and do not help us. Poverty and debt grow as our rights slip away. We have nothing but each other, but together we need nothing else.

No more murders with impunity. The movement which demands justice will only grow, and cannot be sated by the very police state which violently upholds and defends injustice. The onslaught of the police will not be tolerated today or tomorrow. Our hope is that communities will cease to tolerate the injustice; the excesses have gone much too far and taken too many lives. Through SOLIDARITY, we have the power together. Thank you to all those who are planning and fighting, and to all supporting behind the lines. We love you.

Protesters act in self-defense. They embody a force of freedom and justice.  The oppressor’s fear is of the oppressed becoming aware of ourselves and our power to change and confront things directly. When we speak and act for ourselves, it is beautiful.

An awareness of what we can do together sparks political imagination. We can imagine the inter-workings of a world without cops murdering and brutalizing people. A world without prisons which operate expressly to exploit the labor of condemned communities. An end to the courts and prisons which create conditions where crimes are the only option. An end to inequality and oppression.The end to all of that would mean an end to capitalism, and the end of the state. People’s power, community self-organization, and direct action could be the new order of the day.

The media and the government fear their time may come to an abrupt end from widespread so-called “violent” protest. Protests are legitimate grievances that no one can deny.

It looks like a foreshadowing of revolutionary upheaval has been keeping the Bankers and the NSA up at night. The protesters’ actions speak so loud the president has to respond, and his words fail, and fall on deaf ears almost no one listening believes the lies.
The writing is on the wall… even the staunchest defenders of the system admit conditions and grievances in the USA look strikingly similar to those who fueled the French Revolution. Poverty and debt, murder with impunity by the state, prison and disgrace for the vast majority, More wealth and power and wealth for the ruling class than ever before.
They gave the bankers trillions. They cut social services and raised tuition. While urban schools decay. While medical bills and rent is hard to pay. When many working families cannot afford good food to last a month. The Government chose to militarize the police rather than meeting community needs.
The Government chose to allow the police to kill with impunity.

All that is a powder keg for social war. The system knows it, and it is just the beginning.

These are nationwide days of action, you decide where and when, hope to see you out there. Stay safe, Dress warm.

Solidarity,  Humboldt Grassroots