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The machinations of the military-industrial complex and ruling classes are at it once more.

The egregious assassination of Iranian Qassem Soleimani does nothing to guarantee the security or liberty of people abroad or here in the United States. Unless we react and take action, working class people will bear the cost of these atrocious acts as Trump furthers the economic and political machinations of the military-industrial complex and authoritarian ruling classes.

This unconscionable act of aggression is no different than the war waged on the working class. Since September 2001 we spent well over $1 trillion on the perpetual “War On Terror;” in effect bombing the shit out of brown people overseas for purposes of racism, profit, and distraction. The only ones to benefit from these wars are those who create/furnish weapons and war materials, and the authoritarian classes who further conglomerate their power.

For us, the working class, it is a distraction from the gross re-appropriation of our resources. The squandered resources on these wars have done nothing to secure our safety locally as basic needs continue to go unmet: undrinkable water in Flint, Michigan or various California Central Valley communities; urban and rural food deserts; or mental/health care inaccessibility.

It is our responsibility to seize the resources necessary to correct and improve our domestic deficiencies. It is our duty to seize and control the resources necessary to discontinue and end these intolerable acts of military aggression.

Any war in which we are the aggressor is unjust; and, any working class person ought to be against such actions.

We stand against the war with Iran and the War on Terror.