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Third Annual Holiday Celebration hosted by Old Town Community Alliance @ The Eureka Gazebo

Our event is free to everyone. Pulled pork and side dishes, desserts and coffee will be served for free. Also, the Free Store will be stocked with winter-related clothing+accessories for anyone in need. We’re expanding our kid’s tent with free crafts, activities and a photo booth. You and your family are welcome to join us! If you’d like to volunteer or contribute in some way contact us:
Our Donation Drive (which will stock our Free Store and be given away to those in need) is happening now. We ask that you gather any clean (used is ok) and in good condition winter clothing +accessories. Encourage family, friends and neighbors to do the same. Help divert excess waste by giving your unwanted items a second life. We have bins at the following locations: Six Rivers Brewery, Kyoto’s, Humboldt Republic, The Shanty and RMI. Herebis our flyer for our donation drive: 

Come to the 10th Humboldt Anarchist Book Fair on December 14th 10am to 6pm at the Manila Community Center, 1611 Peninsula drive Arcata CA 95521 Check out the post about it:
10th Humboldt Anarchist Book Fair December 14th
If You have any questions or ideas get in touch!

Anti-Authoritarianism and Resisting Illegitimate Authority, Talk by author Bruce E. Levine

Bruce E. Levine, a practicing clinical psychologist, writes and speaks widely on how society, culture, politics and psychology intersect. His latest book is Resisting Illegitimate Authority: A Thinking Person’s Guide to Being an Anti-Authoritarian-Strategies, Tools, and Models (2018).

In this fifty minute talk, Dr. Levine will define authoritarianism and anti-authoritarianism, and he will discuss definition controversies. Next, he will discuss his path to writing Resisting Illegitimate Authority, including how he became an activist in the mental health treatment reform movement and began focusing on authoritarianism and anti-authoritarianism in the larger society. Dr. Levine will then discuss Resisting Illegitimate Authority, which is a book about anti-authoritarians and also for them. Much of the book is devoted to profiling a diverse group of U.S. anti-authoritarians, all of whom having something to teach about anti-authoritarian triumph and tragedy, and Dr. Levine will discuss some of these profiles and offer ideas for anti-authoritarians struggling to survive and have a good life. Following the talk, Dr. Levine will take questions and comments

Friday Dec 13th at 7pm, 7351 Tompkins Hill Rd. Eureka, CA 95501, Room HU 110

How social and environmental justice movements are created 
and persevere in the face of repression.

Speakers: Kristian Williams & Kevin Van Meter

@ Del Norte Campus of College of the Redwoods 883 W. Washington Blvd Crescent City, CA 95531;

Friday Dec 13th, 330pm 5pm

Del Norte Campus Room D34 &D36

Kristian Williams is prolific, known internationally,best known work is  “Our Enemies in Blue” looks at police as the protectors of social inequalities, especially those based on race and class  Kevin Van Meter is author of Guerrillas of Desire: Notes on Everyday Resistance and Organizing to Make a Revolution Possible amongst other works

Talk Description: 

 Kristian Williams and Kevin Van Meter, will give talks on the development and self-reproduction of social movements, from  varying anarchist and autonomist perspectives, and work in how  repression effects this as well. These are things we have both written about, experienced, and organized around. 

Replacing Them: How we go forward in 2020

Speaker: Daryle Lemont Jenkins

Friday, December 13th, 130 to 3pm

Del Norte Campus Room D34 &D36

Daryle Lamont Jenkins is the founder and Executive Director of One People’s Project (OPP), a Philadelphia-based anti-hate organization that researches, monitors and reports on right wing groups and individuals that seek to polarize communities. Founded in 2000 and working under the motto “Hate has consequences”,has been instrumental in the fight against hate. Documentary in theaters 8/20

Talk Description:

After the past three years of a political climate in turmoil, next year we hope to correct the course. While there are many suggestions as to what that course is, the consensus always excludes what to do about the far right that dominates today’s climate. How do we change that, how have we fought them in the past and how do we fight them in the future and most importantly, who are we fighting? This will be a discussion about what we have seen and what to expect as we go forward.

Del Norte Campus of College of the Redwoods 883 W. Washington Blvd Crescent City, CA 95531; Room D34 &D36